Assets (js/css)

The following is enabled by default

Default Theme light/dark/auto

    # defaultTheme: light
    # defaultTheme: dark
    defaultTheme: auto # to switch between dark or light according to browser theme

Theme Switch Toggle (enabled by default)

Shows icon besides title of page to change theme

To disable it :

disableThemeToggle : true

Archives Layout

Create a page with Add vars below to its page-variables

layout: "archives"


Home-Info Mode

Use 1st entry as some Information

add following to config file

        Title: Hi there wave
        Content: Can be Info, links, about...

    socialIcons: # optional
        - name: "<platform>"
            url: "<link>"
        - name: "<platform 2>"
            url: "<link2>"

ex. here

Profile Mode

Shows Index/Home page as Full Page with Social Links and Image

add following to config file

        enabled: true
        title: "<Title>" # optional default will be site title
        imageUrl: "<image link>" # optional
        imageTitle: "<title of image as alt>" # optional
            - name: Archive
            url: "/archive"
            - name: Github
            url: ""

    socialIcons: # optional
        - name: "<platform>"
            url: "<link>"
        - name: "<platform 2>"
            url: "<link2>"

Draft Page indication

adds [draft] mark to indicate draft pages.

Post Cover Image

In post’s page-variables add :

  image: '<image path/url>'
  # can also paste direct link from external site
  # ex.
  alt: '<alt text>'
  caption: '<text>'

Share Buttons on post

Displays Share Buttons at Bottom of each post

to show share buttons add

    ShowShareButtons: true

Show post reading time

Displays Reading Time (the estimated time, in minutes, it takes to read the content.)

To show reading time add

    ShowReadingTime: true

Show Table of Contents (Toc) on blog post

Displays ToC on blog-pages

To show ToC add following to page-variables

ShowToc: true

To keep Toc Open by default on a post add following to page-variables:

TocOpen: true


to add comments, create a html file


and paste code provided by your comments provider

also in config add this

    comments: true

read more about this here


Scroll-Bar themed (by default)

Scroll-to-Top Button (by default)

Displays a Scroll-to-Top button in right-bottom corner

Google Analytics integration

Open-Graph support

Twitter Cards Support

Syntax highlighting

Twitter cards and opengraph tags support

RSS feeds

Multilingual Support